Farc poetry from a Colombian fariana

Found this bit of feminist poetry on mujerfariana.org. Women guerrillas call themselves farianas. I was struck during a visit to a FARC transition zone camp last week by how proud the soon-to-be-former guerrillas are about their affiliation. They certainly see themselves are mostly righteous freedom fighters who have sacrificed for years to bring about more reasonable relations of power and production in one of the most unequal countries in the world. Even today the peace-bound Colombian government is either incompetent or unwilling to bring about new conditions for its citizens. The contradictions are staggering.

Brujas somos las mujeres
Pero nosotras,
somos brujas guerrilleras.
Somos mujeres luchadoras
somos libres y protectoras.

Brujas somos las guerrilleras
hijas de la rebeldía
maldecimos la injusticia
Hechizamos la burguesía
con una pizca de sabiduría
y un puñado de alegría.

Brujas y peligrosas
maestras y dialécticas
alertas y camufladas
armadas y enojadas.

Por todas nuestras hermanas
pobres y pisoteadas
indias, negras, blancas y mestizas
madres de la democracia
no necesitamos las armas
para ser las constructoras
de la Nueva Colombia
en Paz, y soberana.