Siglo Network, a decentralized ISP that is being developed in Mexico City, is a regional finalist in the MIT Inclusive Innovation Challenge. The event will take place at the Tec de Monterrey University (Santa Fe Campus) in Mexico City this Thursday, September 5, 2019.

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The Inclusive Innovation Challenge is MIT’s premier future of work prize, awarding $1.6 million annually to entrepreneurs using technology to create economic opportunity for workers. The international team selects and celebrates sixty Regional Finalists from 5 regions around the world.

Siglo Network is participating in the technology access category — one of four categories in this year’s challenge. The first nodes are launching this autumn, allowing local communities to build and host the next generation ISP for Latin America. Today, fast home internet is a luxury in Latin America. …

If it seems like we’ve been quiet lately, it’s because we’ve been busy building!

Time for an update:

Today tokens from the 1st phase of the Siglo bounty program were distributed on the testnet to Siglo Wallets. The 1st phase of the bounty program ran from February to August 2018. Tokens were distributed to bounty hunters who created a Siglo wallet and completed the KYC process.

These tokens can be sent to other Siglo wallets, and the Siglo team is supporting the exchange of tokens for prepaid cellphone credit. Yesterday we ran tests with several thousand beta users, and we sent top-ups to all mobile operators in Mexico and Colombia.

At the TGE, each token on the testnet will be replaced with a token on the mainnet, and at that time you will be able to export to external wallets.



A Blockchain Protocol for Digital & Financial Inclusion

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