Cyprus in January

Larnaca is just a lovely place sometimes

Now I understand why people living in warm countries can’t imagine average temperatures around -10°C during winter months. The key difference here is the way preparing for a cold seasons. While north guy builds up house with complex heating system, southerner just buys a heater, places it in a living room, puts on a jacket (maybe two) and waits there until spring comes. What a wonderful plan! So people from cold countries are better prepared for winter and opposite, people from hot places do better in summer.

lemon trees are everywhere

Okay, let’s talk about the island not its weather.

Cyprus is a small island in Mediterranean Sea situated somewhere between Greece and Middle East countries. Also, Cyprus is a member of EU but it seems like nobody cares about the rest of Europe here.

boring Limassol

Thanks to British administration which was on the island between 1880’s and 1960’s Cyprus has left-hand traffic and British type power plugs and sockets.


Apparently, roads here is just a mess and not because of left-hand traffic. Good for you if you’re a motorist, you can drive everywhere and park your Mercedes (everyone has at least one old Mercedes) in every possible place, you can consider whole country as a big parking lot. And if you’re a commuter, you’re gonna have a bad time. There are some bus routes, despite Google Maps doesn’t know about any single one of them, so that’s your only solution. And number of crosswalks on the streets is so little, finding one would be almost a miracle.

This vehicle is a perfect choice if you can’t afford an old Mercedes there

I was in three cities in Cyprus: Larnaca, Nicosia and Limassol. Larnaca is a cozy and quiet place in that season, very good for relaxing from everyday noise. Capital city Nicosia is a very different from coastal Larnaca and much busier, but it’s probably the better place to work, not chill at the beach. Also probably only in Nicosia you will find usual chain stores and nightlife. Limassol is… just not good, go there only if you’re the biggest fan of russian karaoke, because lots of russian tourists is just a scary thing, hehe.

Turkish side of Nicosia

Don’t forget about Northern Cyprus. The northern of the island was occupied by Turkey in 1974 and proclaimed Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, so Cyprus is divided of two parts now: Greek South and Turkish North. Northern Cyprus as a state is recognized only by Turkey, so it leads to many issues with a business, because international companies cannot make any activity because of sanctions and embargoes, so Northern Cyprus economy very depends on help from Turkey.

Percentage of people who can recognize Coca-Cola as a brand is higher than number of people who can read

Despite Cyprus is in fact a disputed land you can freely visit Northern side without any troubles (except for citizens of Armenia). So I made a little walk to a turkish part of Nicosia. Border control is right on the streets in the city center and takes like 15 minutes. But there’s not much to see there: just lots of fake brand clothing traders and casinos. Maybe other Northern Cyprus cities are more interesting, who knows?