Style Your Name: 10 Creative Ideas for DIY Name Tags

Custom Name badges are readily available in the market, but to make them by yourself gives contentment and shows your affection towards the receiver. DIY name badges not only inculcate creativity but also add uniqueness to a party or a function.

DIY name tags can be easily prepared at home with some craft materials. And, the interesting part is you can involve your kids and friends and spend some fun time together while you also create awesome name tags.

So, let your creative juices flow! Inculcate these 10 ideas when you are to create name tags-

Flags — Name tags are useful in many ways. You can pin them on the shirt or stick them to your belongings. They are the quickest way to identify your things. So, this time highlight your name by creating a flag. Attach a small fabric or a chart paper on a toothpick or a small stick. You can place the flag on a button for maintaining balance.

Clothespin- To give an explicit vintage look to your name tags, decorate them with a piece of elegant lace or net. Whenever you use them, tag them with the help of a wooden clip.

Washi Tapes — Name tags are used in multiple ways. In an evening gala, you can stick a washi tape name tags on wine glasses to help guests with their glasses and make them feel recognised.

Shapes — Different shapes in name tags are not only super easy to make but also look versatile. Imagine having name tags in beautiful shapes like pretty bows, leaves or feathers.

Creative tip — Instead of wearing name tags with a clip, you can wear them like a necklace and ace the party look.

Bunting– Cute buntings are ideal for a party or a birthday celebration. Create them in different colours and wear them within a string instead of pinning to clothes.

Confetti — When you want your name tags to be free and frilly, confetti is the best option. Tug them to your blouse or decorate the entire wall with confetti at a wedding reception.

Ribbon style — This unique style of name tags have many possible uses. One of which is during a rehearsal or an annual function. Stick a ribbon with a paper name tag on the front. With these name tags, you can use different colour and design combinations.

Watercolours — These name tags are back to school kind of name tags and may make you feel nostalgic. Hence, they are best during alumni meetings, school get-togethers and so on. To give a water effect, use colours in different shades and write names in bold.

Sprigs — Let your guests dine with name tags that have a sprig of rosemary or other interesting sprigs on it.

Paper flower — To give a flawless look to party name badges, you can add paper flowers to party name badges. You can also match them with the dress code.

So, the next time you are about to host a party, you can use these ideas. You can also order custom name badges from us. At Signal Advantage, we provide professional as well as unique name badges which can be customized and ordered online. Select your name badges now!