You will reach the clouds and even the space with Signal Festival’s Gallery zone. What can you look forward to?

5 installations enclosed in five spaces of historical and contemporary Prague — this is the Gallery Zone of Signal Festival 2018. Who can you look forward to?

Thanks to prominent Czech artist Richard Loskot and the UAII studio you will find yourself in the epicentre of a powerful storm and will touch the clouds. The installation Sky on Earth, which you will find in the hall of the Clam-Gallas Pallace, is inspired by the experience of flying over storm clouds, hovering above giant ocean of light.

Guillaume Marmin has prepared an installation called Rococo in the Colloredo-Mansfeld Pallace, using 124 custom made projectors to react to the extraordinary architecture of this space. The darkness of the room is disrupted by rays of light, drawing almost hypnotic shapes. Accompained by Philippe Gordiani’s music, you will find yourself in a constantly changing space.

American SOFTlab decided to include the uniqueness of Klementinum’s Mirror Chapel into their interactive instalation IRIS. Surfaces of rotating mirrors will reflect the extraordinary architecture of the chapel, glimpses of light, faces of the spectators and curious faces of newcomers. A new, vertically scattered panoramatic picture will be created and you can also become part of it!

Source: SOFTlab

With Signal Festival’s Gallery Zone you will also visit Karlin, where world class Swiss artist Zimoun will introduce himself. If you are interested to find out how could a spectacular piece of art made of DC motors, cotton balls and cardboard boxes look like, visit the Hauch Gallery during the festival days.

We will stay in Karlin a little while longer, accompanied by Czech studio 3dsense. Regular visitors of the festival may recall their successful installation Faces at SIGNAL 2015. For this year they have prepared a brand new space installation called EREBUS. In the courtyard gallery of Bar/ak they will use an abstract form to introduce you to the properties of gravitational field of a black hole.

How does the Signal Festival Gallery zone work? It can only be accessed with a valid ticket. You can purchase it in advance for a better price here and exchange it for a hand band in one of the Gallery Zone spaces during the festival. One band allows you to enter all five locations of the Gallery Zone. The band can also be purchased on the spot — at all the Gallery Zone locations during the festival days for 170 CZK (adults) and 100 CZK (children from 6 to 15 y.o.).