CNN Commits Suicide With Blackmail Attempt To Silence Speech

On Tuesday CNN published what they thought was a no-holds barred exclusive, announcing that the network had tracked down the Reddit user responsible for the President Trump wrestling GIF and forced an apology from the kid.

CNN mainstream media hack Andrew Kaczynski said the corporate network successfully compelled a confession out of the Reddit user who allegedly claimed credit for President Trump’s meme, showing POTUS tackling CNN and scoring yet another win for public information integrity.

Currently trending on social media, #CNNBlackmail is revealing a tidal wave of uproar over this scandalous shakedown, where a cable news network spared no expense to dig up the identity of a random guy from Reddit and blackmailing a public apology out of him or else the international corporate media conglomerate would expose the kid’s identity, address and other personal information to public scrutiny.

Julian Assange in a Twitter post, responded to the disturbing incident, saying, “CNN just committed a crime violating section 135.60 of the New York criminal code ‘coercion’,” adding that “CNN also appears to have committed a federal felony violation of 18 U.S. Code section 241 in relation to the 1st Amendment.”

Why this was even a big story exclusive to begin with boggles the average mind. Apparently the failing cable network considered the wrestling meme such a threat to their organization that they convinced themselves they could bully a 15-year-old kid into a public apology, denouncing both his humorous smear against the cable channel and his right to exercise free speech on social media.

CNN shamefully relished in their false news victory that, following constant badgering to contact the kid, who is known online as HanAssholeSolo, the kid finally conceded an apology on the subreddit/The_Donald while also deleting all his other posts, admitting in a convenient statement delivered by the cable network that the kid was sorry for a “controversy that should never have happened.”

CNN went on to report that the minor apologized for posts that were “racist, bigoted, and antisemetic,” while purporting to utter groveling snowflake statements such as “I love and accept people of all walks of life and have done so for my entire life … and never meant any of the hateful things I said in those posts.”

The whole CNN article reeks of coercion. The apology, or alleged apology, appears to be staged — almost as dramatic as to signal Otto Wambier’s forced confession from his North Korean death cult tormenters. For example, CNN reports the kid saying the meme “was not meant to be a call to violence against CNN or any other news affiliation” — a narrative and false flag claim that CNN had been pushing ever since President Trump pummeled the network’s feelings with his hilarious wrestling post.

The CNN article is seemingly uncreditworthy because it is everything the network seeks in a public exoneration announcement — but from a 15-year-old kid? Was the cable network that butthurt from Trump’s tweet and public ridicule that they would pull such a farcical stunt on the 4th of July, attacking a kid for a funny social media post used by the President to humiliate the network — Yes, and because they have nothing to lose at this point with their sorry credibility.

However, this is the worst play CNN could have possibly made over their latest spat with our President. And the reason is that /pol/ (or 4chan) is now involved, and the gloves are off. This is an attack on the Internet community, on free speech, on the power of memetic warfare. And this will not end well for CNN.

Following news of the network’s blackmailing crime, /pol/ on Twitter announced, “Just when they hit rock bottom, CNN found a way to keep digging. They set a new low, and a new precedent. Hope they’re prepared for that.”