Signals From Mars - Episode 305 - Dead City Ruins


In this episode of Signals From Mars, Tommy Cain of Dead City Ruins joins the show.

Among the items discussed include their new lead singer Steve Welsh. Steve is best known for his YouTube videos where he mimics other artists. How difficult was it for him to find his own voice on the band’s new album Shockwave? Working with Gene “Machine” Freeman on Shockwave. We also discuss the reality of an Australian band trying to tour the rest of the world in 2022. And much more.

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Signals From Mars - Episode 303 - Michael Wilton


In this episode of Signals From Mars, I am joined by Queensrÿche guitarist Michael Wilton.

Among the topics discussed during the interview include the band’s new album Digital Noise Alliance. Their current tour with Judas Priest, and the band’s setlist. The dynamic between the band and lead singer Todd LaTorre. Has it changed over the years? Michael’s go-to gear, including his signature ESP Skull guitar.

Although the original intent was to do a video interview, it just didn’t happen. After several attempts to get it to work, we settled on just doing an old-school phone interview.

The interview starts at the 5:oo minute mark.

You can follow Queensryche on their official website, Facebook, Instagram, and Bands In Town.



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