SignalZ is an out-of-the-box IoT analytics platform. Connect your devices, assets and sensors. Analyse your data using smart algorithms. Optimize machine usage. Improve industrial performance.

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SignalZ Mobile Web App — quick demo.
SignalZ — Improve industrial performance.

What’s new in SignalZ v5.4? A short, visual overview. See also:

Share visualizations

You can now easily share visualizations with other team-members, using the new Share🔗 button. This feature enables you to share visualizations within your organization, using a custom Data Science dashboard. …

What’s new in SignalZ v5? A short, visual overview. See also:

SignalZ v5 adds new features for enterprises and large scale deployments.

Manage your own tenants

Enterprise subscriptions can now manage their own tenants and assign users to specific tenants.

Signing in to a specific tenant.

Device hierarchy composition

SignalZ v5 introduces a new hierarchical device structure, with more flexibility. Devices can…

This article helps you to execute machine learning algorithms on sensordata stored in SignalZ, using a simple example.

Let’s get started! Open the navigation bar and choose Administrator > Data Science. Open the Job tab and create a new Python Job.

Adding a new Python job to SignalZ.

Give the Python job a meaningful name. First we…

Togetr en SignalZ (IoT) bundelen krachten en bieden industriële bedrijven daarmee vernieuwende en integrale oplossingen om de digitale transformatie vorm te geven.

De convergentie van de fysieke en digitale wereld, gecombineerd met cloud technologie en Machine Learning, opent een wereld van kansen voor industriële bedrijven om nieuwe ervaringen en nieuwe…

What’s new in SignalZ v4.4? A short, visual overview. See also:

Support for Machine Learning algorithms

Since release v4 you can create your own custom Python 2 algorithms. SignalZ v4.4 brings support for Python 3 and comes with multiple libraries that help you to build Machine Learning algorithms, including: scipy, numpy, mathplotlib, pandas and sklearn.

Displaying algorithm results in a SignalZ dashboard (LIVE execution).

What’s new in SignalZ v4.3? A short, visual overview. See also:

Location dashboards

Since release v3 you can create and configure your own BI dashboards. Now you can also create BI dashboards for a specific location/device. This BI dashboard is directly visible when you open the location.

This BI dashboard is assigned to a specific location.

Execute jobs/algorithms on demand

You can now directly…


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