Process Management in Global Healthcare: Innovation in a Crisis

The case for deploying process management in global healthcare

Process management and the clinical pathway revolution

  • The application helped physicians and nurses to reduce the amount of time and resources they devoted to management purposes by close to 60%.
  • Staff reported “real benefits regarding resources optimization and quality improvement.”
  • Automatic email planning for nurses performing medical exams reduced human error, meaning “the quality of data and reliability of the pathway scheduling have been seriously improved.”

Process management in global healthcare

  • Adapt: Reducing the time to implement change;
  • Align: Providing visibility and governance across the decision management life cycle;
  • Act: Sensing and responding to actionable situations, based on clear information about any detected event.

Operations management in healthcare

  • Patients. The objective is to offer and ensure quality care while controlling the costs of the care journey and the efficiency of the processes that underpin it.
  • The data. Collect and analyze the data contained in the various systems via process mining technology to identify bottlenecks within the various processes and launch optimization initiatives to achieve operational excellence.
  • Process optimization. An inefficient or obsolete process can result in additional costs and, more importantly, may not meet patient expectations. Implementing continuous improvement is the way to go.
  • Communication. Aligning all teams by sharing goals and process portfolios to work transparently and in a common direction.

The business case for process management in global healthcare

The need for process change

Process management: healthcare and changing capabilities

Signavio is just what the doctor ordered for process management in global healthcare



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