The Chick Magnet

this story isn’t about a dude who gets all the ladies. heck, it’s not even about a lady who gets all the ladies. it’s about this new movement in dating — where us women get so fed up of the fuckboys out here and the lies, that we turn to our female counterparts for some, well, girl-on-girl action. yes, i mean we are actually “turning out” because of y’all fellas and it’s turning out to be pretty great.

not too long ago, i had some pussy power enter my life (aside from my own, of course) and it was, how do i say this, different than the D. fun, exciting, new — it was like finding out a secret you had only heard about but never knew if it was true. well, it is. believe it or not, i was with a chick when the dude i was seeing was “too busy relaxing” to hang with me. i was all like, “sheeet, i’m going to get relaxed myself.” and so i did and it was anything but relaxing, to be honest. the chick turned out to be a little uptight (ouch, that is too rough) or not really willing to go the full monty (just light touching); but hey, this was my fantasy too.

you better believe i magnetized that chick into doing what i saw fit for my anything-but-a-dude encounter.

signed, Anonmous