This design is awesome!
Pratik Patel

Hey Pratik, thanks for your comment! 😄

Personally, my favourite tool is a whiteboard with some coloured markers. It gives me complete freedom to write, sketch, erase and get ideas out fast.

You don’t really need a whole lot of fancy programs to do UX/UI or follow a workflow completely. Insight into my clients or users is a key ingredient for me, and a healthy dose of empathy. Talking with them in initial interviews is very helpful if you can find the time.

It’s a frame to work in, just like when working mobile-first and with all the restrictions and benefits that comes with it, you can work people-first. If you’re designing an app for people on the go, you consider what people you’re designing for and their actual situation. Are they taking the train, driving or walking? Maybe they have their hands full of bags from shopping? If they use it outside, the sun could be shining and the screen will be hard to see. Maybe they’re not digital natives who’re really good at navigating apps/websites?

Anyone can open up Sketch and design some nice-looking UI, that’s not the hard part. The hard part is making sure the creative concepts you come up with, and the new features you recommend, will create some sort of value for the end user. And in the process, you’ll pretty much end up having to discuss and defend your ideas to everyone, especially stakeholders. So gathering data on your findings is also a big part of the UX work, doing surveys, interviews, tests and documenting it on video, recordings, reports. But more often than not, you won’t really know for sure until you’ve released something into the wilds and follow up on it. Personally I just go with my gut and my assumptions and then work from there 🙂

I can recommend “100 Things Every Designer Needs to Know About People“ by Susan Weinschenk if you want some strong insight into people’s behaviour.

Pretty much everything written by Jakob Nielsen he’s like this awesome Usability guru
All (free) books from UXPin are really good and easy to digest

And I also think there’s a book called “UX for beginners” so maybe that’s a book for you?

Best of luck on your journey! 😄

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