Great article, Signe.
Marie Slundt

Thank you, Marie, glad you enjoyed it! I would’ve preferred doing way more initial research and interviews especially with existing clients, as they are the daily users of the system and probably have some pains and ideas I could work out from. Despite its fame, UX (in my opinion) is still struggling a bit with first and foremost being a bit misunderstood in general and also mistaken for UI work. UX is also too easily deprioritized when the deadlines comes knocking. The main navigation change and turning Access Groups to Teams was something I particularly wanted to test with users. Doing card sorting exercises for the menu would probably have yielded a completely other result than what I could come up with and I’m sure I would’ve learned a lot from it. Which answers your question, no, sadly I didn’t get to test any of it at all. I’ve had 6 responses on a follow-up survey on the new design, and one of them actually wrote “its pretty and all but it seems illogical to me”. That’s an example of something I’d love to follow up on, were I only 2 people in one and the same body instead of only 1! 😅

Danske hilsener tilbage fra easterbronx 😄