Friday’s for the Future. Image credit: Klimistreik/CreativeCommons

Traditional media outlets have been covering climate change for decades. But is it really changing people’s behaviour?

However, media coverage of climate change has differed significantly, particularly with the rise of the internet and social media as a means…

Black Angus cattle in Victoria, Australia. Image Credit: Signi Livingstone-Peters

Farmers are starting to sell carbon they’ve stored in their soil. What if agriculture, one of the biggest contributors to the climate crisis could be one of the most powerful solutions?

The cows grazing blissfully in the fertile soil of Orbost, Victoria, on Australia’s southeast coast look much like any other. They plod aimlessly around the pastures, their heads bobbing as they tear up mouthfuls of sweet grass, occasionally letting out a drowsy moo. The late afternoon light illuminates their shiny black backs, flooding the swaying gum trees that fringe the paddock in it’s hazy glow.

Harmless as they are…

Julia Vorsteveld is part of the growing female population that’s casting into a male dominated industry.

Vorsteveld geared up on deck near Bristol Bay, Alaska. Image Credit: Julia Vorsteveld

“It’s not like you’re working from eight to five. You’re working whenever the fishing is happening. You never know what’s gonna happen. There were times when I was woken up at 4 in the morning to put on all my rain gear and go out on deck. It’s very sporadic,” Julia Vorsteveld says. She’s talking about commercial fishing in Alaska, USA. …

By Signi Livingstone-Peters

Notre Dame on April 15th, 2019. Image Credit: Manhhai/Flickr

The inferno at Notre Dame has forced wealth inequality in France further into the spotlight.

On September 28th, 2017, The New York Times published an article. In Paris, Worn-Out Notre-Dame Needs a Makeover, and Hopes You Can Help. Cathedral officials showed journalists how eight centuries of acid rain and pollution had taken their toll on the limestone — pieces of the monument would crumble at the brush of a finger. However, time isn’t the only thing to blame. Despite Notre Dame being a pivotal symbol of French identity, the cathedral had evidently suffered years of neglect. …

Worldcrunch: A New Media Future

“Hopefully this article is going to be more feature than investigative,” muses Jeff Israely.

On a Tuesday afternoon in the beginning of October, Israely sits on a leather couch in his small, rather sparsely furnished, yet tidy boardroom in the 11th arrondissement of Paris, twirling his thick framed tortoise glasses around his index finger.

He leans back, crossing one leg over the other. “Just trying to figure out how I should respond.”

It’s around 12:30 p.m. and the afternoon sunlight is filtering through Rue Amelot. A hazy beam of light streams through the large bay…

Everest was once an elitist, authentic, experience. Now, the region and indigenous culture is caught between the economic stability that mountaineering industry provides, and the destructive ethical and environmental impacts that the search for ‘authentic tourism’ has caused.

“Everest Resort” in Tengboche, Nepal. Image Credit: Signi Livingstone-Peters

“In Kathmandu you have car traffic. On the mountain you have people traffic.” Arjun Adhikari, one of my Nepalese guides, grins at his own analogy. …

Norway’s solution to mitigate climate change is threatening an age-old way of sustainability

A landscape photo of snow covered trees in Scandinavian Lapland.
A landscape photo of snow covered trees in Scandinavian Lapland.
Scandinavian Lapland. Photo courtesy of Oleg Kobtzeff

There is no cutting-edge climate technology inhumed in the blanket of white snow that covers the tundra in Jokkmokk, Sweden — a small hamlet in the Swedish Lapland. Nor are there glossy climate research centers — let alone people at all–but according to Scandinavia’s indigenous Sami people, the snow is nowhere as abundant as it used to be. “When I was young, the snow used to be up to our shoulders,” an elderly Sami woman tells me. “Years later, up to the belt. Eventually, the knees. Now look, it’s up to the ankles.” She motions toward her booted feet outside…

As of 2018, only 25 percent of French waste is recycled, but the country pledges to halve its landfill waste by 2030.

Fernanda Sapiña, a 21 year-old resident of Paris, France, seems to have the perfect recycling habits in place: she is careful of what goes into each bin, and is aware of the three-bin system France offers in order to effectively sort waste within homes.

“It’s part of my responsibility to make sure trash is sorted responsibly,” Sapiña said. “I think it’s important to use the waste system in the way that it is intended for — not only…

By Signi Livingstone-Peters

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The LionHeart Initiative empowers and delivers opportunity to young African athletes through martial arts.

Mixed Martial Arts, otherwise known as MMA, is by far the fastest growing sport in the world. Armand Rupert, otherwise known as A.K., grew up in Senegal and developed not only a connection to the continent of Africa but a passion for mixed martial arts “long before it was as mainstream as it is now.” In 2013, Rupert had the idea of combining his passion for Africa and MMA– ultimately recognizing the prominent Martial Arts culture existing in Africa and the void that…

By Signi Livingstone-Peters

A worker scoops through the ‘fatberg’s congealed mass of waste. Image Credit: Flicker/Christopher Sheard

Public buses on the streets of London will now be powered by residents’ own waste.

Not too far beneath where thousands tread on the streets of central London, a congealed mass of tampons, diapers, grease, and waste make up a whopping 130 tons of concrete like fat. The Whitechapel fatberg, first discovered in mid-September due to the major blockage that it created in the London sewer, has taken a suprising claim to fame. Certainly the grandest, this “total monster” of a fatberg is not the first. …

Signi Livingstone-Peters

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