Angular vs React vs Vue: Here’s What You Should Know!

With JavaScript allowing developers to create rich web content while enhancing the HTML pages through dynamic, interactive elements of multimedia and animated images, a plethora of JavaScript frameworks have emerged as the front-end technologies. In this context, Angular, React and Vue are the most sort after and appreciated JavaScript used across the globe. Moreover, their unprecedented use has led to an extensive comparison between these three popular JavaScript frameworks. So, before you opt for any of these frameworks, it’s vital to have its deep insights. Wondering which is the best, Angular, React or Vue? Here’s everything you need to know.

Vue: It is a well-built JavaScript program which facilitates the seamless development of user interface. Not only it’s simple and easy to use but, is also very fast and instant. According to the statistics of Google analytics, Vue has witnessed a download of a whopping 1 million on NPM along with a monthly download of an approx 120–150k. With the 28th rank in the all-time ranking, Vue’s popularity is quite evident.

Features of Vue:

Quick and instant: The incorporation of a virtual DOM layer makes it lightweight and 2 times faster than React, thereby escalating speed and memory.

Seamless performance: Its reactive dependency tracking system eliminates the problem of manual re-rendering and unnecessary optimization through effective automation.

Easy documentation: Its detailed guide assists both the beginners and experienced developers in the easy documentation.

Extensive use of Dev tools: Dev tools gives the developers access to a high-end debugging process with excellent UI and UX.

Works on a component based approach: It facilitates the easy definition of components and contributes to the instant completion of big projects.

Angular: This fully featured JavaScript framework helps developers in developing single page applications with its simplified use. With more than 97,487 websites using Angular JS, it has definitely carved a niche for itself.

Features of Angular:

Two-way data binding: It eliminates the necessity of writing extensive codes and lets the developer focus on app development by seamless synchronization between DOM and the app’s model.

Dependency: Its inbuilt dependency subsystem assists developers in making the app simple to create, understand and test.

Directive: It lets developers personalize HTML tags which can be used as custom widgets.

Testing: It allows testing the app beforehand through its end to end and unit test runner.

React: Included in Facebook and Instagram in 2011 and 2012 respectively, React helps in creating a user interface for single page application development along with mobile and web app development which allows the data change without reloading.

Features of React:

Single way flowing data: It doesn’t allow direct modification of HTML tags and uses a callback function for doing the modification.

Plain JavaScript: Its plain JavaScript makes professional web and mobile app development very easy and simple.

Code reusability: React allows the developers to reuse the codes thereby making Android, iOS and web app development seamless.

Virtual Document Object Model: It fascinates effective re-rendering of DOM and allows extensive data back up while updating it seamlessly.

Now, since you are well-informed about the extensive functions and features of these popular JavaScript frameworks, let’s do a comparative analysis amidst them and find out which one is the best.

of JavaScript, Angular and React are already big names backed up by Google and Facebook respectively. Nevertheless, the ability to make coding simple and easy is definitely a high point of Vue. However, all these three frameworks are good in their way and you should choose the one that best suits your project and functionalities.

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