The year according to signor Chuksy Part 2 • Signor Chuksy

Posted on December 23, 2015


A santoku knife with our name on it got delivered to a nondescript location, the Lagos ginjah was at its peak, we added two new clients, designed some amazing things, but on the side we were worried about the future, we were looking at the numbers it was pointing to another lump of fat.

Web design is a tricky and time consuming process and the ability to get all partners on the same page is the ultimate prestige, half the times what is written on paper is never what it turns out to be, specifications keep changing as the final version is being finished. What was supposed to take 6 weeks ends up taking 6 months.

We called a meeting of the privy council, we love design but its cousin web design creates ghost worker programmers and other people we love to refer to as Joseph, we considered cutting the fat, what we had in the pipeline was too good to cut, so we set a date and drank some beer, we were almost happy, then we drank another beer and realized that we were not happy…


The month of Gungul, orange plantations as far as the eyes can see, cheap food, cheap beer and roasted goat meat, we were happy we needed time away, Benue state accepted us. we wished we could stay there forever and forget computers and this imaginary thing called the web.

We counted the miles we had run, business was good. We art directed a documentary and saw the other side of life and what it means to have some peace of mind we contemplated moving the office to a different location, we drank some beer, we were happy, we drank more beer we were happier.


We got back to Lagos, reality hit hard, our happiness was short-lived we put on war paint, cleaned our laptops and marched off to design battles the task ahead was brutal, we had insomnia the coffee stopped working its charm, business was good and we were still in the heat of battle to take out time and relax, moral was high but we were sad and the fun part was that we did not even recognize it we drank some beer we did not feel anything, we drank more beers and we discovered that we had become zombies, we weren’t even bothered.


Love is a beautiful thing it’s awfully easy to fall in love and it’s easily awful to fall out of it, the long and short was I did not know what happened here, I have tried to wrap my head around it, the planet stopped spinning the force that helped it rotate went crazy and left.

I needed 100,000 billion torque to restart my small dead planet. I kept telling myself “just keep swimming”. to sort of explain how i felt in the famous words of Sean Carter “Though I can’t let you know it, pride won’t let me show it, Pretend to be heroic, that’s just one to grow with, But deep inside a nigga so sick”

But man God knows I would not wish the gut wrenching feeling on my enemies, this was not even a santoku this was a full katana.

I have drank beers, but this time all I kept seeing was Jack Sparrow so we made the rum official, got an eye patch and screamed “Arrrr”, and went back to work, we pushed the spoil button so everything can reset it was not working we tried using a hammer, it still did not work, all we did was to embrace the situation and silently drink our way out of it.

Work continued for some reason the Ginjah never went away we carried on like the Spartans, business was good we drank some rum we felt nothing, we were in full zombie mode we drank more rum, nobody was smiling..

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