Value-based selling is an approach that focuses on understanding and reinforcing the reasons why your offer is valuable to the customer.

By implementing value-based selling in your cold outreach, you increase the likelihood of a positive response or interest from the lead and greatly increase your conversion rate for two main reasons. One of them is that you can personalize your outreach and show that you studied the company. Another big one is that you identified their pain points or their goals and your pitch resonates with the leads and focuses on their very specific needs.

Chasing the quota, sales…

How often do you answer unpersonalized sales emails? Most people have never replied to a single one.

Personalization is key to high conversion rates as it ensures building a closer connection with prospects. However, while expanding outreach, it gets more challenging to stick to the personal approach, and your email is likely to dissolve into countless emails that no one cares about and redirects to the “Spam” folder. The same goes for the cold calls.

Is it possible to find a balance between scaling and personalizing? Becc Holland, Head of Sales Development for, believes that personalizing outreach can be…

When you hear about affiliate marketing, you immediately think about earning money in a breeze.

However, when people join an affiliate program, they do not only seek to generate revenue online but also build meaningful connections with the companies they love.

For business owners, building an efficient affiliate marketing strategy will help you increase your B2B brand awareness and put these amazing partnerships into use.

If you still haven’t got yourself into the world of affiliate marketing, we asked our friends at email marketing automation software Moosend to share the insights on how to create an effective affiliate program as…

We can easily call 2020 a year of sales automation, as many companies shifted from manual sales outreach to automated. There are hundreds of robust tools for automating prospect list building and outbound outreach that can help your team generate new customers and scale sales while saving plenty of time.

Overall, there are six main categories of tools for sales prospecting that are also tied to the key steps of your sales prospecting process:

  1. Tools for researching prospects;
  2. Tools for organizing and managing prospects (CRMs, etc.);
  3. Tools for building contact lists and cleaning up data;
  4. Email services for building and…

Constantly mastering new approaches and honing your selling skills is a must for any sales person. No matter whether you are a newcomer or an experienced sales rep, you need to get yourself out there and learn learn learn.

Here are 14 books from the cult classic to freshest releases that are in our team’s opinion a must-read for any sales expert. We’d be curious to hear which ones are your favorite!

1. “Sell the way you buy” by David Premier (2020)

Coronavirus outbreak has already reshaped retail to a greater extent, and there is definitely much more to come. Among the numerous attempts to foresee what the industry will experience in the future, the Shoptalk Retail Framework for COVID-19 seems to be one of the most noteworthy one and offers lots of valuable insights.

Being aware of the transformations coming for retail over the next 1–3 years, one can outline what to expect for several areas and how to act to survive in the post-COVID era. …

In 2020, the markets have experienced considerable transformations due to COVID-19, making some industries grow fast, and the other drop quickly. Adjusting to the new reality is a must for businesses all over the world.

As a result, it affected not just the industries themselves, but also the companies that serve those industries, for example, the ones providing marketing, consulting, and advertising services, SaaS solutions, auxiliary products, et cetera.

Is your business hinged on providing services to the industries that experience the downfall and are cutting their budgets? You need to plan a pivot to sustain your revenue. …

TikTok has experienced tremendous growth in the times of the COVID-19 pandemic, and it seems that there is much more to come. Due to the global quarantine and vast amount of spare time, people have had a chance to explore TikTok and not only grasp the idea but also make the most out of the app.

Initially popular among the youngsters only, TikTok is now widely used by people of all ages. It’s no longer an app primarily focused on teens. TikTok’s user base significantly aged up with the pandemic. …

We’d like to share today some snapshots of the dos and don’ts of marketing during the pandemic from Alexandra Mondalek that she covered in the latest Business of Fashion article (link to the full article below). They’re especially relevant for fashion, beauty brands, and e-comm.

The rules of #marketing became instantly obsolete when the coronavirus pandemic swept the world last month. The #fashion industry was initially paralysed: how can you possibly launch an influencer collaboration without Coachella? And what’s the point of advertising if nobody’s shopping? But some new best practices are emerging.

1. Do acknowledge the pandemic. Don’t depress customers.

2. Do work with influencers. Don’t let them get carried away.

3. Do provide a virtual escape. Don’t break the bank to do it.

4. Do continue to send marketing emails. Don’t overdo it.

5. Do consider discounting. Don’t make it a habit.

Link to the full article:


The world as we have seen it before will never be the same. The concept of a new normal has emerged. The way consumers think and buy has changed extremely fast due to recent events. They are worried about the future, both in terms of their health and the economy. People all around the world are operating in a state of shock. …


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