I'm leaving you behind.

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Its time to say goodbye. I’m leaving and I think you should know. This isn’t “see you later” or “I’ll be back soon”. It is final. Its the last time we will talk.

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Everything he does tells his story.

Because parenting is never as simple as people imagine.

Parenting is challenging and it will mess you up.

Prove me wrong.

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Why it still matters.

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As a society, we should always be reaching for what will make us better.

The term woke has been highly debated and often criticized.

How do I answer her hard questions that I can’t answer for myself?

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Paddling at night is a deep breath for the soul.

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I paddled slowly out onto the lake.

Women inspire my daughter to overcome her medical complexities.

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Of all the things that try to hold her back, men won’t be one.

I miss my “normal” life.

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Sigourney Humus

Parent of Three Medically Fragile Kids and Trans AF.

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