The Truth and Nothing But The Truth

This campaign has shown us what truth means in America anymore. I have been here since 1977, I have been through several presidential elections. This is the worst. And it is so bad because media outlets like your’s Arizona Republic or azcentral, CNN and all the others, which are basically owned by a corporations whose CEO or government officials have family relations with one another, are fabricating news NOT reporting news, as they hopefully learned it at the Journalist Schools. You have become a propaganda machine which in this election is on the side of Hillary Clinton and Hillary Clinton and Hillary Clinton. You suppress anything damaging to Hillary and report inflated BAD news about Donald Trump. You and others can truly not be trusted anymore with your “NEWS”, YOU DO NOT DESERVE BEING CALLED JOURNALISTS. THERE IS NO TRUTH ANYMORE, but the dumbing of the people of America, who just read headlines and are never informed about the real subjects. SHAME ON YOU ALL!

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