How to improve the digital marketing of Whole Foods

As we known, Whole Foods Market is the largest organic foods supermarket in the United States. And it was also the first national “Certified Organic” grocer to sell the highest organic and healthy available. Now, Whole Foods Market is becoming more popular because of their digital marketing strategy. But it is still flawed because of its imperfect mobile app, where Whole Foods need to improve and perfect.
 As far as I know, Whole Foods build an effective mobile strategy for their target customers compared with other supermarkets. The Whole Foods Market app is compatible with iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Apple Watch and Android devices. And recently, Whole Foods Market rolled out its redesigned app for iOS devices. It is intuitive, clean, and very useful now. Now, it has six functions are coupons, shopping lists, recipes, delivery sales and local. The coupons function is getting digital coupons to use in-store, only in the app, and are only available in the U.S. on iPhones and Android phones. Providing coupons on an app is a smart move by Whole Foods as it provides the company with data on its users. And it also provides a convenient way for customers to save on a mix of products, ranging from everyday staples to seasonal products. And the shopping list can help customers to create categorized shopping lists easily. And it also allows the customer to build and check off a shopping list by manual entry, from a recipe, or from sale items. Whole Foods use their frequently-used app-Facebook to share a large amount of information about recipes to attract users to downland the Whole Food’s app. And their app provides more than 3800 kitchen recipes from Whole food’s collection in receipt function.Besides, the delivery function can send your shopping list to intact for delivery in select U.S. cities, but only limited in iOS. I think it can deliver more products for customers. And next is the sales function, which provides the new sales for great savings throughout the store, and it also provides the latest sale information in the local store. And the last function is local, which helps users to get their store location, hours, events and offers. Users can input their ZIP code to find their nearest Whole Foods market and it will show the relevant information about their local store, like the operating hours, address, directions and store specials.
 Although these six functions to make the mobile experience more engaging and special. But beyond that, I also want to make suggestions and give advice. Fristly, in the recipes function, I think Whole Foods should add the link to their own food material under every recipes, so users can choose their desirable recipes and add the relevant products into the shopping list. Besides, I think each recipe in-app can also add detailed preparation instructions and nutritional information to help a user to choose their personal favorite quickly. Secondly, I think the app of whole foods can provide the loyalty program, like the Starbucks. I think the loyalty program can provide the integration service to exchange products according to the integral level and have more goods discount. Add the loyalty program can help Whole Foods to generate more loyalty and keep customers coming back to Whole Foods Market. For example, a customer can get the digital coupons if they’re rewards program member, and they can get the additional discount and free shipping on their first purchase. And the loyalty customers will be rewarded based on their consumption record, and then they will receive corresponding rewards. Thirdly, I think Whole Foods can provide Apple pay to allow the customer to buy products, and it would be easier and faster than before. And the Apply pay is security and privacy, users just add their credit or debits cards with Apple pay, so it will have a unique device account number on user’s mobile phone, and each transaction will be authorized with a one-time unique dynamic security code, so users can tackle their purchases quickly and securely. And my final recommendation is to build the special program to different people. For example, some users pursue health, so Whole Foods can provide them a healthy diet and recommend organic foods or products in their account. And some users pursue fitness, so Whole foods can provide weight loss recipes and add calories in each recipe. Besides, the Whole foods can provide them vegan products and vegetarian recipes with enough nutrients if some users are the strict vegetarian.
 I hope Whole Foods Market can take my advice to improve their mobile app as much as possible. And let the app is in direct response to users’ increasing reliance on digital technology to provide them with conveniences.

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