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L to R: Miata Jones, AJ McGraw, Brett Fuller, Telos Fuller, Tiffani Fields, Gary Cena

Grace Covenant Church (GCC) will always hold a special place in my heart. I have an immense amount of respect for its leadership, its mission and its character.

It’s the church in which I matured in the Lord, having first been introduced to its campus ministry leg during my undergraduate days at George Mason University. Over the course of four years, I served in its children’s ministry, campus ministry, prayer ministry, young adults ministry and small group ministry.

Moving back to Baltimore was difficult, in part, because it meant that my connection to the church would change, both geographically and relationally. …

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When people ask me what I do for fun outside of work and church, my answer is typically the following: “I perform spoken word poetry.”

Three-and-a-half years ago, that wouldn’t have been my answer. Around that time, I became introduced to Beautiful Minds Entertainment (BME), a community of artists and creatives who create uplifting art from the soul. After I performed my writings aloud for the first time (pictured here) and received such positive feedback, I was hooked!

According to their website, BME’s mission is “to maximize the artist’s access to resources, information and enriching opportunities so they may inspire others through their art.” …

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For its seventh year in a row, Women in Transition, Inc. (WIT), a Baltimore-based nonprofit organization, hosted its annual “Hands On Academy,” a week-long workforce development intensive to help young women transition out of the foster care system. This academy was the culmination of a 5-week long program, focusing on job-readiness and preparing these young ladies to take steps towards entry-level employment, while keeping their “big picture” goals in mind.

Each day of the Hands On Academy built upon itself. On Monday the young ladies participated in a career round-table discussion, in which women from the community in their desired career fields were able to set expectations for the process involved in attaining those particular goals. Tuesday was the “Makeover Day,” in which the ladies were guided on how to present themselves during an interview and some were even gifted with professional attire to wear to the mock interview the following day. For the mock interview on Wednesday, over a dozen professional women from the community, at varying stages of their careers, had the chance to coach the ladies one-on-one through some questions that they would typically encounter during an entry-level job interview. …


Jessica Smith

Advocating for the heart of the bigger picture and shining the light in dark places. Topics include faith, finances, wellness, and women’s empowerment.

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