Best way to reach me

My Twitter handle

Twitter would be the best way to reach me. That’s the only messaging service for which I have notifications enabled on my phone. So of the lot, that would hands down be the best way to reach me

For any aspects related to guidance on any matter, you are best advised to mail to Rethink is the non profit that I am engaged in building out at the moment. You can expect me or one of us from our circles to get back.

Should it be a matter that you absolutely have to reach me on email, you may write to me at To learn more about me, my thoughts and what am I upto these days, you may check out my website


  1. FB messages & LinkedIn would be perhaps see the slowest response times. I check messages in those profiles only infrequently
  2. I prefer not to be reached on my phone by means of a call or a text unless its both important & urgent
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