Facilitating guidance over emails

Oct 6, 2017 · Unlisted

As part of the WeTech Qualcomm scholarship application facilitation, guidance was extended remotely to all students who had expressed interest in working towards putting in a good application. One of the central mechanisms of how we navigated this was by sending daily mails (the other being Slack chats). The document embedded below captures all the mails that were sent out.

Facilitation mail for sWeTech Qualcomm Scholarship application

The whole exercise was one fascinating experiment and a rewarding one that too. And it so happened that yesterday that these emails came up when Karthika Baiju brought it up in one of the conversations with Arya Murali in relation to a similar facilitation engagement they are now working on for Adobe Scholarship.

Karthika has now taken it upon herself to send daily emails on similar lines to all students from her college that are interested in working towards this Adobe Scholarship. She is also sharing the content of these emails on her Medium so that it may be available for any other student out there who wishes to benefit from it.


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