Challenges as the Path to Success 1.1

Anyone who has been following my blog posts has met the topic above. Only that the topic in this article, just as the content of this article, is an upgrade of the original topic and article. Why am I saying so? We are used to software upgrades with similar names but with an accompanying number after the name. Specifically, something like: Mozilla 6.0, Mozilla 8.0, and Mozilla 12.0. What this means is that the software with the highest number is a recent version of the previous software. In short, even though the topic of this and my previous article appear to be similar, the former is an upgrade of the latter.

In my upgrade, I focus on the technical skills acquired on my first day of the Boot Camp. Well, you already know that my first task at the Boot Camp was to jump around with fellow Boot Campers and facilitators. One could even think I am attending a sport Boot Camp, but no, I am attending a software development Boot camp. I encountered my first intellectual challenge when facilitator Njirap walked in with a charming smile. Regardless, she spread intellectual focus instead of the joy displayed on her smile when she asked for the definition of test driven development.

I racked my brain for the meaning of the term, but could not figure out what it meant. She worsened the situation by starting to discuss an example I didn’t understand. To make matters worse, it appeared as though some of my peers had an answer to every question the facilitator asked. Anyway, facilitator Njirap is good at what she does because I was able to understand what was happening by the time she got to the second example. What am I driving at? Failure is not the end. Try to imagine what would have happened if I decided to lose concentration because I did not understand what was happening. I would never have learnt about test-driven development. In summary, always upgrade to something better, upgrade from failure, upgrade to a better you, upgrade to success.