So Far So Good

It is day 2 at my Andela Boot Camp, and I have learnt a lot so far. If you have been following my blog posts, you should realize that I learnt about concentration in my first task at Andela. Later on the same day, I learnt about programing logic and test driven development. The latter tutorial was particularly interesting because I learnt that I had used the technique without knowing. That was not all; the Boot Camp introduced me to tools that I had not used before. Specifically, I was introduced to Trello and Github in the afternoon of day 1.

I also realize that most Andela fellows are social, and like to help. In particular, I loved the experience of watching Andela Fellows play soccer, and some, Basketball. I too wished that I could join them, but I was too busy finishing my task for the day. I also had an opportunity to interact with a former Trainer Called Antony Nandaa. Damn, that guy is very humble. In fact, I almost thought he was either in Cohort x or ix before he told me of his time at Andela. Above all, he was very inspirational.

Well, the weekend is not part of the Boot Camp, but I had an experience because of my opportunity at the Boot Camp. I was stuck pushing my code to git because my remote and local repository were different. I submitted the error at slack and three people, I had never met, helped me out. In short, I realized that seeking help is good. You get to know people, and to solve your problem. I could go on and on, but I have to conclude by saying that day 2 was all about programming, which I was unable to complete on time because of underdeveloped OOP skills.