Something Similar

Hurrah!! I did it again. I did it once, and it was simple. I tried the second time, but it was not as simple as I thought it would be. Too bad, I had forgotten my username and password. I even suspect I had unsubscribed my email account from receiving e-mails from survey monkey. This is because I tried to recover my password but I could not receive an email with the link for changing my password. I bet you all know the procedure for recovering a lost password because I will not be going into those details. Instead, I will be going into the details of how survey monkey works. Just to jog your memory, try to make an educated guess based on the name survey monkey, for we shall be building something similar.

What was your guess? A game made from the old Tarzan story? A research project conducted on monkeys to identify whatever the researchers were interested in? Well, the name of the web application has a small hint as to what the application entails. That is why making the guess I requested you without meeting my friend is a little difficult. If you are curious enough, you already understand and know a lot about my friend. If you are not, I would suggest that you visit my friend and try to learn a few things about her. I know I am supposed to be gender sensitive, but men are not known to make such trivial complaints. Therefore, just bear with me for being gender-biased, for the insensitivity will remain constant in the entire article.

I bet FIFO (first in first out) was, and is an important concept in survey monkey. By FIFO I am not restricting myself to the textbook definition of the term. Instead, I will be using FIFO in a nonprofessional’s language. Again, bear with me. By FIFO, I mean some tasks with the application cannot be completed unless other tasks are completed first. For example, my friend is useless unless you approach her with a username, password, and a valid email address. After making an acceptable approach, you will be required to introduce yourself further with details such as organization name, size of staff, ……, which, are not important and could be skipped. My friend will then provide you with templates that could be used to design a questionnaire based on how you introduced yourself during the second introductory stage.

Let me tell something cool about my friend. She will not restrict you to working with the templates she owns. This owes to the fact that she will allow you to design your own questionnaire from scratch. She is also cool because she will help you design good questionnaires because she already understands how a questionnaire should be designed. For example, she will provide you with an option of uploading a logo to the questionnaire, creating an introductory page for the questionnaire, and defining the number of questions your questionnaire will hold. She will also provide you with the structure of possible answers. Does that not sound cool? Emoji emoji emoji. Don’t bother just thought it would have been fun if I could add a reaction to that statement.

Well, my friend will also provide you with options of how to collect the data. For example, send by email, get a web link, post on social media, embed on a website, embed on a mobile application, or even add data manually. Well, she can also allow you to see question summaries, and individual responses. Upon paying some fee, you could also see data trends and download the data you intended to collect. Kindly visit my friend so that you can understand why I have written about her and understand how we can build something similar.

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