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This is very true, and this is why doctrine is important. People shy away from doctrine and it is really what holds true Christianity (all this means is a religion based in Christ’s teachings) together. When we try to mold the Bible and its message to how we feel about it instead of understanding the context and time period (I cannot stress this enough) of the author who wrote it and why they wrote it, then that is when religion fails. It is true that the Bible has many anonymous writers. There’s a reason for that. I’ve never heard of “fallacy” being taught in theological schools, however. The bible also tells you to accept scriptural teaching but to verify it for yourself (story about the Bereans). Don’t get me wrong, it is good to verify what one hears and not to believe everything one hears including from your pastor. Which, (by the way) the Bible tells us these people are not above reproach. We are all sinners. It is heresy and people adding and removing things from the Bible to try to convince people to be saved that confuses people. God does the saving, not people (If you believe). True doctrine needs no interpretation. The Bible interprets itself. We are saved by grace not by works. Works is the evidence of our faith. Also, you are correct nowhere in the bible does it say we should pray to saints. This goes against doctrine. Interesting article, thanks for the read.

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