Membership: The Future for Creators
Jack Conte

Though I’m yet to gain momentum with my own Patreon page (basically building everything from zero), your platform makes me believe my dreams are actually within reach. It’ll take time, dedication and a whole lot of caffeine, but Patreon has so far offered me more perpsective than job offers in my country. And that, one day, I won’t be labelled as ‘unemployed’ anymore, but that my artistic work will be recognized.

But if there’s anything I miss from you guys, it’s showcasing the little people. The small creators who struggle to get where the big ones are and who get (with good reason) all the attention. I understand that small ones may get discouraged and quite, making such a showcase moot. But some of us are in for the long run. A small push can go a long way.

Definitely looking forward to Patreon’s future.

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