The thing about PMS-ing

The thing about PMSing is that you don’t really know at what stage it will happen until it does. What I’m trying to say is that; you think the mood swings have reduced in intensity this time because you’re relatively happier — but, BAM it hits you like a fucking train.

When you’re PMSing, every single little thing that has been bothering you for the past month that you hid away in that little black box at the back of your mind just opens up like a box of confetti. Ultimately, leaving you to collect all the confetti and put it back into the fucking box. I mean, really?

The thing about PMSing is that the stages can vary so very much that it leaves you with a state of absolute confusion. I swear, my mind is never as muddled up as it is when I am on my period. It’s possible one of the strangest and most unpleasant rollercoaster rides I’ve ever been on, with little surprises always at the next bump (extremely unpleasant surprises i.e).

The thing about PMSing is that one minute you want to text that guy you’re hooking up with, the next you’re cursing him for not replying to your previous text. One minute you’re trying to avoid people around you, the next you really want to go out and get drunk. At first you’re contemplating getting high and the next you’re writing this post. But, you always, always, need a smoke.

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