Why guys who cheat still love their girlfriends.

All my life, I’ve been the girl guys cheat on their girlfriends’ with. It’s probably because I’m easy going (too easy going?) and don’t really question their motives.

Recently, a friend of mine got cheated on by her short term boyfriend. To me, this was the first time I was actually seeing the other side of this scenario. My whole mantra behind not questioning the morality of my doing was that I was not wrecking homes when most of them were already broken.

Seeing my friend completely get caught off guard was however a different experience. This home was definitely not broken, or so we thought. Both of them were happy with each other and enjoyed each others’ company more so as the days progressed.

What is quite evident through each of my experiences and this too is the fact that guys who cheat on their girlfriends’ still love them immensely. It’s always an effort to ensure that they do not get hurt in this process of cheating on them, as well as making sure you (accomplice to the cheating) also understand that you are nothing but a mere accomplice for the day.

I’ve always wondered what the logic to this was, and my friend pointed out yesterday that it was mere dependency. The idea that they were capable of loving someone and being with someone stable and not some random girl you pick up at the club one night.

Guys who cheat on their girlfriends’ still love them immensely. Take it from someone who’s been the other girl one two many times.

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