I messed up once. It was a terrible mistake. One that I can’t take back. The simplicity of a statement caused an explosion within our thoughts. It caused anger and sadness. Something I hope to fix. I can’t say enough of an apology to take back what was said. All I can do is attempt to mask my idiocy. Never before have I felt like such a dweeb. A complete and total mental case. I’ve thought many a time that I do need help. But when I’m around you it’s as if I need nothing but your embrace. Your touch soothes my thoughts. I don’t over think things when I’m with you. I’ve never had such an act be preformed on myself to such an extent where my mind is calm. Where I don’t wonder if I’m not worth your time. I long for you to be with me. To have you whisper a smile sends me into such a trance that I can’t help but be mesmerized by your beauty. I’m constantly wondering if I truly deserve such perfect treatment. I’ve never been treated as if I matter. But with you I am. I’m treated like I have a true purpose in my life. You tell me that I’m a wonderful writer and that I’ll be something some day. But what if I don’t? What if I’m just doomed to be someone who is useless? What if I’m meant for nothing and all you do for me is for nothing? Yet you remain by my side. Constantly disagreeing with my idiotic accusations of my lack of talent. A poet? Me? Could I truly become something one day? With you next to me cheering me along when all others point and laugh I do believe it can be possible. But without you I must say that I truly am doomed to become nothing but a headstone amongst tombs of those far greater. You are all I can ask for. Never leave me I beg. And forever remain mine. I plan to ask for your hand in the future. I truly hope I just have the courage to ask and that you have the live in your heart to forgive me for my mistake.

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