My mother always said “talk to the stars. They will guide you through your worries.”

I talked to the stars for days. I begged the stars for guidance. Yet I still remain lost in this world.

My grandmother told me “imagine a box. Not imagine putting all of your troubles and worries in that box. Now put it on a shelf and say I’m bigger than these troubles. And walk away from them”

I’ve put them in the box.

I’ve even set the box on fire. Yet my mind still is filled with these troubles and worries. No matter how many times I go to the box or I beg the stars…

It’s like I’m walking in a circle that is slowly getting smaller.

It’s as if I’m in the box slowly burning at the edges. It’s as if I’m a star too far away for anyone to hear my plea.

I’m not the box. I’m not the star.

I’m the emptiness inside them.

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