Has it become a trend of late to use a phony word?
Or say a superlative term when lesser could suffice?
The lesser ranking words today are seldom ever heard;
And common talk is often just an overdose of spice?

Have ‘good and ‘better’ ceased to be expressions good enough?
Or must we always use the ‘best’ to speak our every thought?
The average words neglected thus are often treated rough;
While superlatives as opposed are vigorously sought!

Why has this proclivity then become a manic rage?
Are we become less tolerant to average human pace? As techno-logy zips ahead in our “nano” age;
Is fear of being left behind now pushing us to race?

But as we think so will we speak and do accordingly;
And frenzied thought will only lead to hasty heap of deeds;
It’s time we realized we are but humans and that we
Must only let machines help us and not dictate our speeds!

For in that hurried moment which we mean to please or chide;
We might just over-step a line that wasn’t to be crossed!
Those “phony superlatives” used may cause a sudden tide;
The ship that saw a smoother sail could otherwise be tossed!

Its time therefore we realize that we say what we mean
And leave the sugar-coat and honey-lace for things we eat;
For sugar-coated thoughts no doubt are scrumptious when they’re seen
But ill-meant honey-laced remarks- unsavory end will meet!

Those “phony superlatives” thus may never serve the cause;
Or times they might but that façade will ultimately fall;
And leave us dawdling with our average faculties in pause;
A time when neither “bad” nor “worse”, but “worst” will seem so small!

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