CIL wallet update

Silent Notary
Mar 5 · 1 min read

CIL network native wallet release have been delayed for some significant time. The reason is some change in the platform concept. We went a long way from the product that stamps the files with hashes on the blockchain to the integrated multy-consensus distributed ledger.

Multiple applications of the ledger require a scalable interface which requires a modular architecture. So it is no longer an ordinary wallet for payments in crypto. It is a solid base to develop independent modules that allow to scale up the app functionality from a mere wallet to a social network.
The tradeoff of switching to such architecture is modular architecture takes longer time to develop. All the groundwork behind the architecture is done. The user interface is designed.

For now we need little more time to finish testing of the wallet module and the KYC module. The messenger and the signature modules are to follow. The wait was long but the result will be more then worth it.

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