SNTR jan 2019 update

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Feb 7 · 2 min read

While the market continues to wobble and development fall apart, the SNTR/CiL team continues to forge ahead and get things done. Sometimes re-working errors. sometimes rebuilding from scratch. And here’s a summary of what the SNTR was able to accomplish in January:

  1. Android app starts public beta.
  2. iOS app development started.
  3. Telegram bot is out for testing phase.
  4. Re-factored file upload.
  5. Web interface can update upload statuses without page refreshing.
  6. Mobile web interface made more responsive and added small screen layout.
  7. Google/Facebook authentication integration development started.
  8. Russian interface language added.
  9. Security improvements/fixes /refactoring.

The CiL team took a brief holiday during the New year and returned rejuvenated and refocused. The testnet was put through its paces under intense scrutiny with an eye for fixes and fingers for refactoring.

If you ever wondered if it is worth running a CIL node and what can you do with one, now is the time to figure it out. The level above network leaders is heavily invested into the development of the Network Council election algorithm and constitution. The election part includes proving wrong, the Arrow’s impossibility theorem. Just kidding, we’re not there… yet.

The current election part is based on finding how to optimize it using our particular tool set. The Constitutional part includes detailed researches to learn from mistakes of EOS, NEM, REM and other highly democratic projects that went wrong. With these at the fore of its mind, CiL team got the following done in January:

  • Public mainnet available through GitHub

Available here. In case of using — please use Devel branch (i.e. git checkout Devel)

  • Made Consiliums operational.
  • Multiple fixes and optimisations for smart contracts.

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