Do digital natives exist?
Shirley Nguyen

Hi Shirley! I like how you spoke about technology being the key way that digital natives learn and how you linked it to the way most teachers still use the traditional ways of learning in the classroom with pen and paper. I think that more insight should be given into what your opinion is regarding whether teachers should incorporate technology into their teaching or stick to the old ways of pen and paper for students in the modern world, which will make your blog post more interesting and unique. I also believe a more clear definition of what digital natives are would help introduce the topic to bloggers who don’t know what or who they are, as well as having a more capturing title. Although you made some good points using Prensky’s article as your source of information, I do think your argument can be supported further by another source and have more depth to it, such as the one below. Apart from this, I believe you have some very good points in your post and I like that you also explored the concept of digital immigrants as a comparison to digital natives. Overall good job!

DeGraff, J. (2014, June 16). Digital natives vs. Digital immigrants. Huffington Post. Retrieved from

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