5 Tips to create a high quality Messenger Bot

1. Provide advanced personalization based on day and time
It’s unusual to see bots say “good morning, good afternoon, have a great weekend, or I hope your start of the week is great”.
Your bot must have the notion about the time and day of the week to create fantastic personalizations. There are still many use cases when your bot has the notion of time and day such as a bot for a restaurant could answer the question “What is the menu for today”.

For example, click on the next link below or send “ thank you”, and the bot will respond “good morning, good afternoon or good night” according to the current time of your country https://m.me/1016530135169613?ref=@t-544

2. Express date and time always in client timezone.
Multinational companies always make this mistake in expressing dates and times as ’06: 00 GMT ‘, ’ 2 p.m UTC ‘ or similar. 
It should not be an obligation of your customer to know how to convert timezones. For example, if your business hours are 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. (USA time zone), if a person who lives in the USA asks for the opening hours, the bot must respond “8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.”, but if the person lives in the United Kingdom, the bot must respond “13:00 to 21:00”. As you can see that the bot expresses the date and time in the user timezone, also the date and time should be formatted according to the customer location.

For example, the date of the World Cup 2018 Final was 2018–07–15 16:00:00 GMT. Click in this link https://m.me/1016530135169613?ref=@t-662 and the bot will tell you the date and hour in your country time zone.

3. Personalize conversation based on interaction data between client and bot.
Your bot should be able to store each message the client sends, each button that the client clicks, and customize the conversation based on that data. For example, if a customer has already viewed a video, there is no need to ask if he has already viewed the video. The most common usability error that even the bots of the platforms that allow you to create chatbots like ManyChat and Chatfuel commit is to show “Subscribe” and “Unsubscribe” button at the same time. The correct way is to have only one button with the text depending on whether the user is subscribed or not.

Low quality
High quality

4. Do not ask the customer’s language in advance.
Almost all multilingual bots ask the user what language the user prefers right at the beginning of the conversation. Facebook allows bots to get this information. A user would be happier if the bot expressed in their native language from the start of the conversation.

5. Don’t offer the option to contact a real agent so early
Most bots that allow the client to be assisted by a real agent, shows the client the option of talking to a real agent on the first attempt that the bot fails to understand the client’s message. The best solution would simply be to say “@name, sorry but I did not understand”, and show the user the option to talk to a real agent if and only if the bot fails to understand by 2 or more times in a row.

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