How to embed your events page from FlowFrames to your Community

Creating and embedding FlowFrames can skyrocket your Circle community.

2 min readNov 19, 2021

Assuming that you’ve already created an event page on FlowFrames, here’s how to publish it and make it available to your Circle community:

  1. Head over to your FlowFrames dashboard, and go to the Published items section (note, you first have to create your events page and publish it, in order for you to see it there):

2. Under the published items table, find your event and click on the Embed icon located on the right side of the page:

3. This will show you the HTML embed code you’ll need, so you can use it next. Make sure the entire code has been copied:

4. Head back to your Circle community and create a new Post on your Circle space. Give your post a title and then click on the little Cog icon on the top left:

5. A new window will open, so scroll a bit down where the Custom HTML section is found and paste your copied HTML code from step 3. Now here’s an important task: edit the code and write the highlighted part:

style="min-height: 100vh"

This part of the code will tell Circle to allow your embedded frame to have a minimum height, since Circle gives a small height to embedded frames by default:

6. Save your post and voila!




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