Why You Should Go for a Leadership Position in the Creative Industries

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This post was contributed by bbw Hochschule.

Creative Industries today share many similarities across culture, business organization, and management — although they may appear to involve very different sectors at first. The term itself refers to the use of creativity for developing intellectual property that translates into economic value.

The worldwide shift to digital business has been a major catalyst in the importance of Creative Industries, and this is especially apparent in a vibrant, international city like Berlin. As an major hub for technology and the arts, the German capital is world-renowned for its broad spectrum of job and business opportunities that require creative expertise.

Berlin’s rapid growth and evolution is creating a higher demand for specialists — and as a result, the bbw Hochschule has launched a designated master’s program for those who are looking to excel in leadership positions in the Creative Industries.

What kinds of roles exist within the Creative Industries umbrella, you ask? Project Managers, Innovation Managers, Social Media or Community Managers, Consultants or even startup founders can gain invaluable knowledge through a higher level education program in the Creative Industries.

The bbw University of Applied Sciences’ Management of Creative Industries Master’s Program sees the necessity of a holistic approach in this sector.

“We believe students need oversight more than sector specific knowledge, as the sub-sectors of the creative industries go through dramatic changes,” explains Prof. Dr. Malte Behrmann, initiator of the program. “That’s why we provide our master’s students with the ideal skill set to succeed in this exciting and dynamic economic sector. Our students aim for leadership positions in fashion, design, architecture, marketing, the games industry, or in their own IT-driven startups.”

Andreas Gebhard, the co-founder of re:publica Conference, believes “this holistic master’s program is definitely needed here in Berlin.”

The subjects taught stretch from Branding over Advanced Information and Communication Technologies, to Digital Intellectual Property Management. The master’s program offers opportunities to gain hands-on skills and analytical expertise to understand and harness the impact of the digital shift on society, the economy, and the media. Experienced professors have the know-how and business track record to impart knowledge in human resources, CCI management strategy, strategic financial planning, etc.

Gaining a master in Creative Industries also benefits those looking to dive deep into disruptive sectors such as the sharing economy and community-driven marketing.

A startup is founded every 20 minutes in Berlin. If you’re looking to dive into the tech sector in Germany’s capital equipped with valuable and marketable skills, check out more information on bbw’s Master’s Program.

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