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Elon Musk and Grimes make their debut at the 2018 Met Gala — Getty Images

The internet is abuzz with the Met Gala debut of the unlikely pairing of billionaire transportation magnate Elon Musk and Canadian artpop darkwave electronica musician Grimes. After Googling and digesting all of Grimes’ playlist, a legion of eager Musk fanboys is now asking themselves if the key to their own career success is to continue to emulate their hero and get themselves a goth girlfriend too.

It’s important for you to know that a Goth Girlfriend is not just the hottest new autocratic technologist status symbol and gala accessory, but also a tremendous commitment. …

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I tapped my foot on the ground, fidgeting nervously as I waited to order my coffee. The femdom munch was about to start. It would be my first kink event in my new city of San Francisco, at a place that I would come to know very well, Wicked Grounds. I nearly jumped when the barista greeted me to let me know it was my turn.

“Iced coffee please, and a pizza bagel,” I sputtered.

“What kind?”

“Ummm,” I stared up at the chalkboards, “Pepperoni.”

“Good choice.” It would turn out to be a very good choice, both the carbs and the munch, one I would revisit again and again for many years to come. Munches, or a gathering of kinky folk over food, provide a pressure-free space to meet new friends, and for the femdom munch in particular, to talk about the topics specific to our experiences, and like for me, to reconnect to an interest and kink orientation that is comparatively underrepresented in most D/s spaces. …

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“Punch More Nazis” has fast become the call to arms under an alarming empowerment of white supremacy and Nazism under Trump, but what about Hacking More Nazis?

Within the tech industry in particular, we work every day to build systems that ingest more and more of our personal information that while it might be used to sell us products, can also increasingly be used to index and endanger our most vulnerable communities. …


Ava Ex Machina

Silicon Valley’s femdom sweetheart, security witch, memoirist, postmistress general.

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