Silicon Valley CoatN’ Tie Inaugural Happy Hour

It all started with the idea that after working, living, and hustling in Silicon Valley, collectively, we know a wide network of folks. What most people miss about this scene is genuinely knowing whom they’re networking with. Our philosophy is that strangers are just new longtime connections, turn colleagues, turn good friends. You know who to do business with? Your friends.

Where did the “coat and tie” concept come from? Not only is it a tip of the hat from our partners’ east coast roots and college traditions, it’s just fun to dress up once in a while. Whether you’re hunkered down in your proverbial ‘garage’, building the next new startup in your sweats, you’re at a growth company that’s rocking business casual (no hoodies allowed, even if they are $250), or you’re at a Fortune 500 that requires a collared shirt, we like the even playing field that everyone is in similar attire.

What should you expect when attending this event? Nothing. The moment you expect something, you end up closing yourself to new opportunities, meeting cool new people, and missing the entire point. At our very first event we saw CEO’s of growth companies, newly funded startups, investors, and young rising stars. Our goal is to introduce our friends and network to you and your friends and network. Luckily, we all do cool shit, so we’re good.

Our charitable contributions will be selected prior to each event. We look to support local organizations who support our values. Typically, we look at non-profit groups that lend itself to creating a bette workplace, better families, or better lives for individuals that can contribute to our community. While it’s broad, we’d rather give money to those in need than our pockets for these kinds of gatherings. So, next time give up yo $5!

What’s next? Our May event is already underway. Share it with your friends and let us know if you have a charity or location you’d like us to consider in the future. Thank you to all attended our first go around.

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