Significance of Level of Development (LOD) in Building Information Modeling(BIM)

As a well-known fact about Building Information Modeling (BIM) is that it is a wide area which looks after the A-Z of the construction process. It is altogether a process that implements the intelligent 3D model based process that offers the insight and tools for the to planning, designing, constructing, and managing buildings and infrastructure in an efficient manner. In this wide aspect of BIM, an essential feature that makes BIM more powerful is LOD (Level of Development).

LOD ( Level of Development) is the aspect that is utilized as a reference which allows the AEC professionals to specify and persuade the content and reliability of Building Information Modeling (BIM) with the top level of clarity. It is determined at the various stage of BIM process. LOD can be conflicting term as somewhere it represents the self-explanatory term which mostly signifies the measure of the amount of information, but the real fact is entirely different as well as simple. The Level of Development is the information represented by BIM Model. There is an entire table of LOD that tells the information at each level. With the succession of each level, the amount of information within the BIM model also increases.

LOD 100 : Conceptual Information such area, height, location, volume etc.
LOD 200 : General Model Information
LOD 300 : Accurate modeling information and shop drawings
LOD 350 : Detailing and Interfacing of Model
LOD 400 : Information with specific assemblies
LOD 500 : Information with constructed assemblies

The main advantage of LOD is that a BIM technician can get aware of what information could be used. It will enhance the clarity and certainty of that given information. For Eg, if the model contains the information up to LOD 400, only the information that satisfies LOD 100 will be relied on and used. Along with the information, LOD also caters the measurement of progress. Hence, Building Information Model has got the best of reliability and clarity in form of LOD (Level of Development).

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