Silicone Mermaid Tails

Silicone mermaid tails are among the most realistic and fully swimmable tails in the market, with a wide variety of colours and sizes. Silicone is neutrally buoyant, which means that these tails are the best for swimming underwater, because they are weightless. They are suitable for all beginners or professional mermaids and made for all ages.

These special tails are made out of the highest quality fabric, they are strong enough and efficient, in order to be used the best way possible for proper swimming and free diving. They are beautifully designed with every detail with special effects, after using different techniques, that were developed, tested and used in the process of creating the best fabric mermaid fins with the most beautiful look in the market. Each piece is unique, handcrafted and most importantly swimmable. The final texture of these tails feels just like a fish and the feet are not strapped in, making removal in the water easy.

They are made out only of silicone. They are not equipped of any other material, such as fabric or neoprene, because this would make them float up to the surface and positively buoyant. Moreover, all the mermaid tails silicone can be used as high quality equipment for water sport activities. Moreover, these silicone tails can help their users to increase their performance skills when they are under the water, just like a real life mermaid or a dolphin.

All these silicone mermaid tails include an unbreakable mermaid mono fin for free diving, two foot pockets (separate), as well as two foot straps that are perfectly adjustable and can secure a proper fit for feet. Our buyers can wear and swim in these amazing mermaid costumes, swimwear and accessories, like crowns and jewelry. They are environmentally friendly and free of any kind of silicone mermaid tails