This Guangdong man learns three years to make Silicone mermaid tails

3 years later, Stephen Chow directed the “Mermaid” movie, people suddenly found that he not only personally created a mermaid tail, but also to make the desire to be the same time, he did not want to create a mermaid tail, A “mermaid princess” girl put on a round a fairy tale princess dream.

Domestic rare products are expensive

The day before (1), in Guangdong Foshan Qionghua Grand Theater, a look is not too eye-catching photography studio, is 80 after the photographer Lin Xiaobing production mermaid tail “base.” Spring sun under the sun, a few have completed the mermaid turts colorful, with forests, streams of the theme, but also inspired by the blue sky from the sea. Two female models put on the mermaid tail, put a variety of shapes, seems to be the appearance of the mermaid princess.

3 years ago, engaged in underwater photography soldier had an idea, can the fairy tale of those mysterious beautiful mermaid in reality to do it, use their own photography to go? After some study, he found that the domestic production of mermaid props is very rare. “Most of the cloth, or some sequins to do out, can not achieve the desired effect in my mind.” Battling said, then he heard that there is a crew of the props can do, to see the finished product is like, But the other offer 80,000 yuan a, he had to give up.

Soldiers decided to learn to make their own mermaid tail. An Australian friend also helped him with a props friend of the United States. The props had created a props for Lady Gaga’s concert. Soldiers and the other in the online exchange, learning how to make a mermaid tail, but also read a lot of foreign users to upload the relevant video. Until more than a year ago, that learning almost, the soldiers began to start, which lasted 3 months, spent hundreds of hours in the spare time, made his first mermaid tail.

“The first came out, in fact, I quite like, but that in color, carving, etc. have to improve.” Soldiers said. Making a mermaid tail, looking for materials, sculpture, create molds, color and other steps to do, but also to constantly improve the changes. “Every step after a lot of changes, no one to teach, are on their own step by step to try, and the line of outstanding props division, from which to be inspired.

Soldiers make the mermaid tail, the material is mainly silicone, weighing about 10 pounds, which is after several improvements to achieve. Started to do out, although the appearance of good-looking, but too thick too heavy, each have 20 kilos. After wearing, not only bulky, not beautiful. “I want to be light and take into account both visual and tactical demands.”

With the production of slowly mature skills, soldiers have now completed the production of Silicone mermaid tails. But in addition to the Department of Forest, Department of the sea, he would also like to create more models of the Mermaid Tail, so also continue to comic, film and television works to find inspiration. “There may be dozens of mermaid tails in the future, and then I can build a mermaid club.”

The soldiers said the mermaid club, inspired by foreign, in the club, the girls can wear a mermaid tail tail fitness, swimming, diving, party, etc., to experience the feeling of the mermaid.

Soldiers in the online release of their own mermaid tail works, attracted a lot of friends attention. Model Yuxuan also volunteered to make models. “I was very fond of mermaids, Stephen Chow’s movie did not come out before I saw a lot of foreign movies on the mermaid, it is expected that it is not possible, very beautiful and sacred things, did not think that one day you can wear props Into the mermaid. “Yuxuan said,” put on the fish tail, the kind of mood wonderful, feel that they are the most beautiful.

Soldiers are still constantly on the mermaid tail to improve, make a different style, there are suitable for a variety of body props. In addition, now the main thing is to do the mermaid tail, upper body clothing is also supporting them. “A lot of people ask me when I can shoot mermaid photos, it is estimated that the first half of this year.

It is understood that many young girls are now interested in his mermaid tail, including a lot of dance teachers, piano teachers, as well as white-collar workers, private women’s boss and so on. “As long as the idea of ​​open enough, mentality enough to let go, you can experience a feeling to do mermaid.realistic silicone mermaid tails

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