2016 Review

Dear Community,

Silicon Harlem was founded three years ago with one simple yet revolutionary goal: To transform Harlem and other urban markets into technology and innovation hubs to fully engage in the digital economy. Our motto and the key value is “Everyone Deserves a Connection”.

NBC profiled Silicon Harlem early on, where we discussed the company’s vision, goals, and opportunities. We explained that the economic prosperity of Harlem requires an inclusive, community-driven, public-private strategy that is sustainable. Our urban markets must build the infrastructure to support the technology and innovation that is driving the 21st-century economy.

So…How are we doing so far?

As we reflect on a few key milestones at Silicon Harlem, we’d like to share a quick summary of what we’ve been up to, and where we’re going.

Silicon Harlem is growing. Our team has been focused on partnering with both public and private entities interested in boosting the broadband infrastructure of Harlem and driving opportunities through STEM-based education. The ongoing goal is to galvanize the community towards a sustainable economic ecosystem that is driving jobs, attracting new business, and fostering collaboration designed to move Harlem forward.

Here’s a summary of recent highlights and announcements:


Our team hired and trained local talent to assess the Harlem Wi-Fi infrastructure impacting over 100,000 residents and visitors connecting to the network.


Our annual next gen tech conference has featured over 150 subject matter experts and has served over 775 attendees. Our conference sponsors are phenomenal. We encourage you to visit our website to view video and read the testimonials. 100% of surveyed attendees are likely to attend the Silicon Harlem Tech Conference again next year.


Working with the LinkNYC team, Silicon Harlem made the case that upper Manhattan embraces gigabit WiFi and wanted to be a leading neighborhood for connectivity. This has resulted in almost 25% of the kiosks being located in Harlem. February 2017, the LinkNYC kiosks are profiling historical Black Inventors curated by Silicon Harlem.


Silicon Harlem collaborated with WeWork on the Mission Possible program that attracted 40 companies, primarily minority and women owned, to build their enterprises in Harlem.


We have established the “Connect Uptown” initiative that is ensuring every business and every household has affordable broadband. The company has already connected with over 100 buildings serving 20,000 people.


Our inclusive commitment has led us to support over 400 initiatives, events and fundraisers for a diverse group of public, private and startup visionaries.


The company, in partnership with the Greater Harlem Chamber of Commerce, has worked with over 200 senior citizens to demystify technology.


We have hosted 30 meetups featuring top tech practitioners representing companies such as, Samsung Microsoft, Verizon, and Uncharted Play.


Silicon Harlem, working with the Caribbean Cultural Center, has served over 60 High School students with STEM based learning, resulting in 100% of the seniors served moving on to college.

We have a dedicated team of professionals and we are adding more people in both the broadband and education areas of our business.

In 2017, we are focused on deploying affordable broadband and delivering digital literacy to people of all ages. In addition, we are committed to preempting the next digital divide. Look out for our upcoming announcements.

Continue to follow Silicon Harlem on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram and keep an eye out for our quarterly newsletter. It’s been a great 3 years and we wanted to express our profound gratitude for all your support. Our vision for transforming Harlem has taken hold!

-The Silicon Harlem Team