Light And The Three Basic Kinds Of Lights Which Are Generally Used For Lighting Purposes

Light is a part of the known electromagnetic spectrum which can range from radio waves to gamma rays. Electromagnetic radiation is a stream of photons which are particles without mass traveling with a wavelike property at the speed of light. The origin of quantum theory is from the fact that light travels in discrete quanta. Electromagnetic radiation waves contain electric and magnetic fields which can transport energy from one place to another.

Light is what is required by us to see things. With different kinds of instrument which produce light in the visible spectrum modern industrial methods have developed lighting devices in different forms. Now we have different forms of lighting like lamps, bulbs, tube lights, ceiling lights, mirror lights, chandeliers and others.

There are three basic types of commercial lights:

· Ambient Lighting

The purpose of this kind of light is to light up an entire room so that people can easily move through space. Types of ambient light includes chandelier, ceiling lights, wall lights, recessed fixtures, track light, floor lamp and table lamp. Spotlight, hanging fixture, post lantern are used as outdoor ambient lighting.

· Task Lighting

The requirement for task light is when a person does a task in a space for sewing, reading, computer work where a bright light source is required in a smaller focal point of the room. It is best to avoid harsh lights and is practical to install a single switch for focal lighting. Types of task lights include directional recessed fixtures, desk lamps and pendant lighting.

· Accent Lighting

This kind of lighting is used to mainly focus on a specific point of interest for achieving a desired effect. The lighting gives the impression of a larger space and is used many a times to highlight an architectural feature, a plant, a sculpture or collection of objects. Types of accent lighting include track light, directional recessed light or wall mounted fixtures.

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