New Utah-Grown Technology Makes Global Waves in Ecommerce

It’s no secret that Utah is home to some rising stars in business. But with newly-revealed technology, one company is making its presence felt on an international scale.

One example of Utah’s place in the current business environment is found in Southern Utah, where notable companies like PrinterLogic and BusyBusy are creating a hub of activity at Tech Ridge, the major business development underway on the former St. George airport bluff.

Another St. George up-and-comer, Zonos (formerly iGlobal Stores) has been steadily transforming global eCommerce for years. However, it’s what they announced last week that will shake up their industry for good. Zonos is already known for developing SaaS technology that simplifies the way global merchants, eCommerce platforms, and logistic giants like UPS and FedEx do business. But Friday’s product announcement takes what they currently offer to a whole new level.

On February 16th, Zonos announced Zonos Classify and Zonos Hello — cloud-based widgets that use a product photo to generate a Harmonized (HS) Code, instantly calculating duty and taxes. What has traditionally been a frustrating process becomes quick and straightforward, making this technology a huge development for international ecommerce.

Zonos Classify and Zonos Hello bring global compliance within everyone’s reach, allowing businesses to improve their cross-border customers’ experience while simplifying their own internal processes. The new technology also features compatibility with major eCommerce platforms such as Shopify, Magento, and Bigcommerce.

Derek Miller, CEO of the World Trade Center Utah, sees the potential. “Slow, inaccurate tax and duty calculations lead to reduced efficiency and a lot of lost revenue for this industry. This new technology is going to have huge, positive impact,” says Miller.

Also part of Friday’s announcement was a company rebrand, where the company changed its name from iGlobal Stores to Zonos. “It was vital for us to have a name that lets us define ourselves in this new category we’re creating. The name Zonos allows us to do that. The name along with newly announced products for the international shopping experience sets a new bar in global eCommerce.” says Clint Reid, Zonos Founder and CEO.

The growing notoriety of Zonos and other Southern Utah tech companies highlights the momentum of the local economy. If developments like Tech Ridge and the industry leadership of Zonos are any indication, investors, job seekers, and entrepreneurs might want to keep a close eye on St. George.

Zonos’ worldwide event is still available to watch at For more information, visit or contact Clint Reid, Founder and CEO at

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