Put Your Phone Away—It’s Dinner Time
Jessica McManus

Hey Jess! Good read. I find it very interesting that you were more willing to explore after leaving the Apple ecosystem. I guess from a features perspective, Android’s openness allows for more openness, although I would argue that Apple’s ecosystem meshes together better.

As for whether technology is good or bad? I think that the only fair answer is yes. Technology, or really any product, is only as good as how well it solves a problem, and goes no further. For instance, Facebook tries to make it incredibly easy to connect with people, but that some people become too absorbed with its different features shows that for some it has gone further than solving the problem. In healthcare, there is a frequently used term “unintended consequences”. Today’s IT systems were suppose to solve problems. While they have certainly made some work easier, they have also certainly introduced a whole new range of problems. I think that many people are finding that being on Facebook has its set of unintended consequences as well.

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