Cholesterol — The Myth

These photos were taken 18 months apart. I was on a traditional bodybuilder’s diet on the left & the photo on the right is 18 months later on a diet comprised of 70–80% saturated fats. Body fat percentage has maintained at around 15% and there is no difference in muscle mass in either photo, other than lighting. The difference can only be seen in the internal health that I feel. Eating a high fat diet (comprised of saturated and monounsaturated fats) does not in any way make you gain weight or give you health complications. This is not an opinion, this is real science. While saturated fat does increase your cholesterol numbers, cholesterol is not and never has been the evil that the AHA, ACS and ADA make it out to be. Scientists were paid to fake and manipulate studies by companies with a vested interest in the vilification of cholesterol. It’s also true that the original understanding of cholesterol was very limited.

While your ratio of LDL to HDL is important, your collective number does not matter. This fact is inconvenient for the manufacturers of statin drugs. Pfizer’s Lipitor makes them profits to the tune of 12 billion dollars annually. Lipitor lowers cholesterol and subsequently causes erectile dysfunction which can be mitigated by Viagra, which Pfizer also manufactures.

When you consume polyunsaturated fats (corn/soy/canola) your LDL levels go up and cause health issues from fibromyalgia to stroke and Alzheimer’s. When you consume saturated animal fats (bacon, grass-fed beef, egg yolks, butter fat) your HDL level goes up. Cholesterol is an essential part of the human body, we all need it to manufacture hormones, regulate mood, use our brains and turn over healthy cells in the body, all of which keeps us alive.

So if cholesterol is good for you, then why is it that the plaque lining your arteries is what causes you to have a heart attack and die? The plaque on the inside of your arteries has more to do with inflammation, polyunsaturate fats and SAD (Standard American Diet) than saturated fats. I could begin to chip away at that glacier of information but I would not do it justice here. If you wish to educate yourself on the subject, these books are fabulous resources:

Deep Nutrition — Catherine Shanahan

Good Calories, Bad Calories — Gary Taubes

Our current healthcare organizations are working off of fake science that is over half a century old only because it works to the benefit of their bottom line. This may not be seen directly but the true bottom line of these government health organizations extends into subsidized agribusiness and American agriculture is predominately corn and soy crops. Corn and soy crops that need to find a market, you. Humans have never eaten corn and soy as their main forms of sustenance until our government decided that we should, to the detriment of our health. Americans consume 1,000 times more omega-6s — corn and soy product — than at any time previously in history. The AHA , ACS and ADA scratch the backs of the FDA and USDA with their recommendations and in return they get funding from the largest food production companies in the world, namely those producing massive quantities of subsidized corn and soy. You wouldn’t shoot the person who writes your paychecks in the foot by recommending that Americans eat a balanced diet including saturated fats (butter/coconut oil/ bacon) if the corn and soy industries are only capable of producing polyunsaturated fats. Regardless of what is healthy you are going to push the product that keeps those profits rising and gets you paid. I do not think this was their initial intention, I think unrestrained capitalism created a system that was too big to fail and the American people are paying for it with their waistlines and their lives.

I merely wish to present myself as the guinea pig for the real science that has been swept under the rug because of the inconvenient fact that eating a diet of vegetables and grass-fed meats is making no one rich. I hope that you can see the truth for what it is and avoid and reverse your health concerns. It saddens me that Americans have no idea what they should eat and when they try to understand they are met with an overwhelming amount of misinformation.

Here are some things I have found helpful:

Eat what we ate before the invention of modern agriculture. Ignore the rest.

Weight gain and loss, although multifaceted, are dictated almost entirely by your insulin sensitivity.

Saturated fats allow you to manufacture hormones that put the weight in the right places.

Sleep is even more essential than food when it comes to weight management.

Body composition is 80% what you eat and 20% what you do. If I had to guess😊

“Calories in, calories out” is a seriously flawed myth.

Quality of food dictates quality of life for you and for the rest of the species on this planet.