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Do text books of economics in standardized university education use elements of indoctrination? That is the question Silja Graupe, vice president of Cusanus University and professor for Economics and Philosophy investigated. Her findings are alarming.

I felt like a character in a utopian novel when I walked through some 10 centimeters of fresh snow on my way to the Leipzig book fair. It was only five days before the start of spring! Utopias and future topics were popular for readings, book presentations and discussion rounds at this annual bookworm gathering.

Chinese Censors Ban Time Travel

During a literary panel on “The Power of Utopias” for the TV channel 3sat I learned a very interesting fact: The Chinese Censorship Committee banned time travel in literature and film since 2011! …

Silke Bettina Oppermann

Silke quit her job as a press spokesperson in a global corporation to explore future-proof alternatives for living and working. Blog:

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