Richard Eriksson
May 14, 2015 · 3 min read
  • A Siftlinks account tied to your Twitter account. Siftlinks is a paid service that makes an RSS feed out of the links posted to your timeline (as well as an RSS feed of links from your Twitter favorites) and offers a 30-day free trial. After that it’s $10 a year. That’s 83.3 cents a month. Cheap cheap!
  • An IFTTT account.
  • A Slack team and a channel to post links to.


  1. Login to Siftlinks with your Twitter account.
  2. If you haven’t already, activate the Slack channel in IFTTT.
  3. Create a channel in Slack just for links incoming from Twitter. It might make sense to use an existing channel, but the large amount of links in my timeline doesn’t justify it, so I post to a separate #links channel that I dip my toes in every couple of hours.
  4. Create a new recipe in IFTTT.
  5. Select Feed as the trigger channel.
  6. Select “New feed item” as the trigger.
  7. Title the recipe “Filtered Siftlinks to Slack”
  8. Siftlinks provides the RSS feed for you to paste in at this point. It’s the URL in “Here’s the latest links in your Twitter feed. You access them via RSS by adding [your secret URL here to your RSS Reader.” message at the top of the screen in Siftlinks.
  9. For the Action, select the channel you want to post in.
  10. As the Message, use just {{EntryUrl}}.
  11. Leave the Title, Title URL, and Thumbnail URL fields blank. Slack will gather the title and some information about the link on its own.

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